Safer Internet Day 2024 and the Clean up the Web campaign!

One of the way to counter harmful gender stereotypes that contribute to online and offline violence against women and girls is to educate and empower young people to take action. On the occasion of Web Internet Safer day 2024, we launched the Clean up the Web campaign, with Amnesty International Italy, Hungary, Poland and Slovenia, in collaboration with the Bruno Kessler Foundation and the University of Trento .
The Clean up the Web campaign was focused on StandByMe digital platform which is designed for students and educators and aims to promote awareness of and address gender-based violence through prevention and response strategies in a gamified formatThe aim of these activities was to use internet for the good, to learn about our own behaviors and how they can contribute or perpetuate gender stereotyping and to gain knowledge to educate others and to act.

We don’t need to be or feel powerless in the face of harmful stereotypes, we can equip ourselves with knowledge, and we can do this in a dynamic, engaging, and even fun way on the StandByMe digital platform.

Nowadays it’s difficult to imagine life without access to internet and without access to social media.

Internet changed people’s lives tremendously – in many ways for the better, including by supporting solidarity and activism, but unfortunately, they have also become platform for spreading hate, stereotypes, fake news, predatory behavior… Human rights of women and girls are especially vulnerable for being attacked in digital sphere, and consequences are often felt in real life, notably so for young people.
Clean up the web campaign and digital platform are part of the efforts to address this with an educational project StandByMe2.0. Project provides for a comprehensive blended learning program consisting of offline and online educational activities, including on-line courses, materials, gamification techniques and human rights empowered actions by students.

Project STop gender-bAsed violeNce by aDdressing masculinities and changing Behaviour of Young people through huMan rights Education (StandByMe2.0) aims to counter online and offline violence against women and girls (VAWG) caused by harmful gender stereotypes via youth actions in Hungary, Italy, Poland, and Slovenia.

Funded by the Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values Programme (CERV-2021-DAPHNE).

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