Yesterday, March 8, 2024 – International Women’s Day, transfeminist movements and associations filled the streets of the world to demand rights, reclaiming public spaces to demonstrate loudly. Still now, women* around the world are forced to struggle by demanding their rights to health, work and self-determination of their bodies. Feminicides, gender pay gaps, discrimination and sexual, physical and psychological violence afflict women and marginalized subjectivities around the world on a daily basis.

Stand By Me and the education as a tool

Education plays a key role in the fight against discrimination. Through education, stereotypes and prejudices that permeate our society can be deconstructed. School is the ideal place to promote gender equality and instill in students a real sense of community, where respect is the basic principle of all human relationships. For this reason, it’s necessary to work in advance, educating the new generations to respect all subjectivities, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion or any other characteristic.

For a transfeminist future

Students must be educated to recognize discrimination, individually and socially, and to implement strategies to counter it. It’s essential to teach them to think critically about the messages they receive from the media, social networks and society in general.

The struggle for the rights of women and all discriminated subjectivities concerns everyone. And exactly because it is a cultural and social issue that change must start from young people, reaching out to involve every category of society. Aware of this, let us start again from the schools. Together.

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